James Harasymow

My best skill isn't having all the answers, but knowing how to listen to the people who do.

The Platform

Affordable Housing

We need solutions to housing now. Homes for seniors and people who work, not more million dollar condos. The solution is nano-housing. I recommend dense housing close to the downtown cores amenities and employment opportunities. Ultra space saving units with beautiful common spaces like gardens, theaters, cafes and gyms. The key is fitting several units into the same space as a traditional one bedroom.

Safe and Clean Downtown

We want our city back. Introduce the presence of more police and social workers downtown. We need to make our city less inviting to the criminal element. Implementing a bad renters list to make it hard for unwanted to stick around. Put the resources into the people we think we can help and encourage those who aren't ready to change to go somewhere else.

Accountable, Committed, Available.

Ready and able to make room in my life for the commitment ahead of me. With my loving family, I've both the support and drive to make Victoria a safer and cleaner place to live.

And all this:

No More Needles In Parks

Having two small children of my own, the worry of finding needles in parks has long been an issue for me. No accountabilty lays way for carelessness. I've got a plan to change this.

More Pet Friendly Homes

Let's create incentives for landlords to encourage more pet-friendly rentals. 

More Parking Downtown

We need to find more parking. Lets get people coming back to the downtown core by making it easier to come and go.

Responsible Spending


There have been too many poor financial decisions made during the past four years. We need to tighten the purse strings and prioritize our spending to our needs and not our wants.

Fruit trees in Beacon Hill Park

Imagine... walking through a beautiful city park and coming across an apple tree, with a sign "Please eat one". Imagine if one day we had a planet wide food shortage but you could still find an apple in the park.


We need to explore future tourism needs. Many are trying to put an end to our horse carriage tours, and the orcas will need time to try to rebuild their pods. Why not a Ferris wheel?!


Bring Back Mounted Police

This would accomplish two things, police presence and a positive and iconic symbol of safety for locals and visitors alike.

New Building Rooftop Ordinance

Mandatory solar panels, green spaces or recreation areas on new larger building projects.

Ban Political Lawn Signs

Everybody agrees they are an eye sore and bad for the environment. Turf these political relics.

Focus On Infrastructure

It's not pretty, and no mayor wants their legacy to be fixing pipes, but the dirty jobs need to get done.

Smoking Lounges

Pretty sure this is happening one way or the other. Good for tourism. Good for a very large portion of our residents.

Beacon Hill Music Festival

I'm not going to lie, this has been a dream of mine for years now. This will be my pet project and a great way to celebrate our new council.